Rebar/Foam Panel (Re-foam)

This system allows for maximum design flexibility, provides superior insulation values and still affords the maximum in strength and security.

The Re-Foam system allows the end user to design freely the rebar schedule, the “on centers”, column spacing, stucco and EPS/ Insulation thickness.

Any shape can be achieved with the combination of EPS and Rebar. Rounded shapes, domes, roofs, lofts and complex architectural features can be implemented directly into your blue print, or on the job.

Because of the Re- Foam system flexibility, the consumer, builder, Architect & Engineer has all the opportunity to influence the design of every structure. The amount of steel, stucco and EPS is a decision that can be made jointly and to the consumer’s benefit. As a general rule the Re-Foam system is comparable or in many cases less expensive than standard masonry construction.

On average, the finished RE- Foam system will be at about 50% the weight of a standard masonry wall.