Polycrete ™

Polycrete is a light weight concrete aggregate made of Expanded Polystyrene bead coated with a proprietary chemical paste.

  • Suitable for all concrete application, can be used for floor, slab, or roof when concrete strength is required.
  • Polycrete is 1/2 the weight of standard concrete and yet has a compression strength of 1,800 psi.
  • Polycrete has great thermal and acoustical insulation properties.
  • Polycrete can be delivered on site by traditional cement barrel truck.


Polycrete mix design 1800 PSI – ½ the weight of standard concrete.
For a 50 kg. sack of cement
1 sack of cement. (50kg.) 5ea.
5-gallon bucket of sand.
½ bag of Polycrete (4ea. 5-gallon bucket)
1ea. 5 gallon of water.
Per Cubic Yard.
5 sacks of cement.
0.75 cubic yard of sand.
3 bags of Polycrete.
6ea. 5-gallon bucket of water.

CONSISTENCY: A rapid test consists in taking a hand full of ready mix, the light weight concrete shall hold in your hand without dripping.

Do not wet Polycrete after it has been poured and screed.
Design to lighten finished products suitable for all concrete applications, can be used for interiors or exteriors, partitions, fire doors or precast component in damp or dry conditions.

Polycrete creates a concrete with greater thermal and acoustical insulation properties.


Polycrete™ is an aggregate for the manufacturing of lightweight concrete, with thermal insulation and sound proofing properties.

Polycrete™ is composed of expanded Polystyrene beads, coated with a patented additive. This coating process changes the surface tension of the beads so that they repel each other, but are sticking to the cementious paste. All the beads are added to the cement, water and sand, which induced charge, disperses the bead quickly through the mixture. PolycreteTM always remains homogenous and stable regardless the thickness of the thick product. Polycrete™ reaches 92% of its final strength in just seven days, compared to regular concrete’s complete curing time of 28 days.

Polycrete™ is mixed with cement, water and sand, producing a lightweight insulating concrete of excellent quality, with application suitable for any type on construction.

Water Absorption:
Polycrete™ aggregate is “hydrophobic”, meaning that it absorbs little or no moisture. Water absorption is in the range of 3% to 5%, which is far less than normal concrete.

The Many Advantages of Polycrete:

  • It weights 1/2 to 1/8th less than the weight of traditional concrete.
  • It has excellent thermal insulating properties, insulates up to 30 times better
    than regular concrete.
  • Its high sound resistance, 39 dB adsorbed at 2.8″ thickness.
  • It can be pumped with conventional equipment, with minimum wear and tear on equipment.
  • Does not transmit vibrations (perfect in seismic active areas).
  • Due to its flexibility, reduce cracking, excellent impact resistance.
  • Fireproof. Rated MO
  • Non-toxic.
  • Shelf life equal to traditional concrete.
  • Waterproof.
  • May be used with or without steel reinforcement.
  • May be nailed, drilled, screwed into.
  • Can be cut with a handsaw or disc-grinder.
  • Workable using traditional tools.