Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

The Pexablock construction system provides a hurricane engineered construction system that is able to sustain a minimum of 150 mph wind loads, lightweight, significantly insulating from both thermal and acoustical elements it is quickly erected at the job site. Temporary bracing of expensive formwork is minimized.

Unlike other EPS block system, the Pexablock system was engineered for remote job sites locations.

The Pexablock system provides the following amenities:

  • Strength:
    Continuous monolithic column & beam construction, with stucco exterior
  • Design:
    Blocks can be cut to suit both size and thickness requirements
  • Cost:
    Saving in labour, formwork, utilities.
  • Weight:
    Half the weight of finished masonry blocks.
  • Speed of construction:
    Each PEXABLOCK is either 7.34 square feet or 14.69 square feet
  • Thermal Advantages:
    A standard 5″ PEXABLOCK offers a minimum R-value of 20
  • Safety:
    EPS will not support fire combustion. It self-extinguishes.